Ölfus Municipality has implanted within its’ general plan a 580 ha of land dedicated to eco-Industrial Park where the focus will be on sustainability and circular economy pathways.

Ölfus municipality is located on the south west coast of Iceland. The population is over 2400 inhabitants and is growing. Thorlakshofn is the largest town in the municipality with approx. 1900 inhabitants. 

Ölfus municipality is a community rich in natural resources and has introduced green-growth strategy in its planning for resource utilization and productivity growth. Doing so the municipality has established a platform or cluster for both the upstream and downstream supply chain of companies where the aim is to ensure that food and industrial products are produced, efficiently and sustainably, within the municipality.

Ölfus municipality recognizes that –business as usual– paths in production in general does not account for environmental limits of our natural resources and therefore productivity growth must be increased in a sustainable manner only.

Ölfus municipality has therefore implanted within its’ general plan a 580 hectare of land dedicated to eco-Industrial Park where the focus will be on sustainability and circular economy pathways. Implementation of eco-Industrial Park within the municipality will create a community of businesses seeking enhanced environmental and economical performances through collaboration in managing resources and waste issues.

The coastline along which the Green Industrial Parks lie is exceptionally well located for fish farming on land. Investors and companies working in aquaculture have found that the conditions in the area are unique. Five companies are already expanding or building new farms on the coast. Estimated production capacity is around 100 thousand tons of salmon.



The green industrial park in Ölfus Municipality will foster a comprehensive ecosystem of collaboration across various sectors, driving mutual benefits that span economic development, community enrichment, and environmental preservation. The Green Industrial Park’s sustainability focus will be on food technology and food production based on the concept of the circular economy, the integration of industrial operations with the natural ecosystem of the area, the use of renewable energy sources to minimize environmental impact while promoting economic growth and the well-being of society.


For the successful development of the green industrial park, we are seeking a diverse group of stakeholders, including investors and co-investors interested in sustainable development, partners with expertise in green and circular technologies, forward-looking companies specializing in renewable energy, biotechnology and green/ more environmentally friendly food production.


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Páll Marvin Jónsson
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