The Union of South Iceland’s Municipalities (SASS) provides consultant services in the field of business development, innovation and cultural matters. The service is free of charge to a certain level. The free service is based on the calendar year and is upto 7 hours per individual and companies and up to 20 hours for institutions.

You can contact the consultants directly here on the website. In addition, you can obtain further information by clicking on the relevant issue here below and contact the consultant who is responsible for specific fields.

Do you require consultancy ?

  • Marketing
  • Culture and events
  • Project financing
  • Consultation for the development fund

SASS’s consultants

Ingunn Jónsdóttir
The University Association of South Iceland,
Location: Selfoss
Email: ingunn@hfsu.is
Tel: 560-2042

Guðrún Ásdís Sturlaugsdóttir
Nýheimar education center
Location: Höfn í Hornafirði
Email: gudrun@nyheimar.is
Tel: 470-8086

Harpa Elín Haraldsdóttir
Location: Vík í Mýrdal
Email: kotlusetur@vik.is
Tel: 852-1395

Hörður Baldvinsson
The Knowledge Center in Vestmannaeyjar
Location: Vestmannaeyjar
Email: hbald@setur.is
Tel: 841-7710

SASS Development Manager

Þórður Freyr Sigurðsson
SASS’s Development Manager
Location: Hvolsvöllur
Email: thordur@sass.is
Tel: 480-8200