Here you can find English version of documents related with the Development Fund. If you are applying for grant or sending progress or final report you will always have to send it through our online application form. The word document is not accepted as an application or report.



Uppbyggingarsjóður Criteria and rules (.pdf)
Uppbyggingarsjóður Suðurlands period and final report form (.docx)
Uppbyggingarsjóður Suðurlands application form (.docx)


Pay attention: The word documents are only a working document and will not be accepted as a period report or application. 
Online report form: https://www.sass.is/uppbyggingarsjodur/skyrsla/
Online application form: https://innskraning.island.is/?id=soknaraaetlun.is.sass
Please note that the application form is only open twice a year.