About The Action Plan

 What is South Iceland’s Action Plan?

South Iceland’s Action Plan is a specific regional development plan for South Iceland as well as a synonym for an agreement between the  local region association and the State on funding of the action plan and the Reconstruction Fund of South Iceland. The South Iceland’s Action Plan is based on the act on regional development plans and the regional action plan no. 69/2015.

 What issues are addressed in South Iceland’s Action Plan?

The issues are stated below yet the Local Area Association can decide whether they take on more issues but they can not be fewer than following:

  • Economic development and innovation
  • Education, human resources and regions’s demographic development
  • Cultural activities

What is the involvement of the municipalities in the South Iceland’s Action Plan

The municipalities of South Iceland have all assigned representatives for the consultation platform that consists of 40 representatives from 15 municipalities in South Iceland. The consultation platform sets the groundwork for the Action Plan and has among others formulated the vision for the future, the main emphases and the goals of the  Action Plan. The consultation platform has also been involved in the proposing priority projects. The consultation platform meets at least once a year.

 What is the public’s involvement in South Iceland’s Action Plan?

Anyone can send in a proposal for priority projects for the Action Plan. The proposal is sent through the SASS website (www.sass.is).  The proposal is then viewed by the Action Plan’s project management group, which takes it under consideration. Submitted ideas or suggestions can be used in part or in full.

What are the priority projects?

The priority projects are projects of the Action Plan that shall be implemented to fulfill the region’s goals in that particular field or issue.

Who chooses the priority project of South Iceland’s Action Plan?

The board of SASS assigns a project management group for the Action Plan, which reviews the projects. The group selects the projects, which need to fit into the needs of the region’s strategic planning, but the board of SASS along with the steering committee of regional affairs also need to confirm them.

How much funding is involved for projects in South Iceland’s Action Plan? 

The total amount is determined by each year’s national budget. In the year 2018 about 120 million Icelandic krona came from the State. The amount from municipalities in South Iceland was about 12.5 million Icelandic krona. Of these about 9 million Icelandic krona was spent for operation and management but the rest went into allocation through the Reconstruction Fund of South Iceland and for priority projects of the Action Plan.

Is it possible to apply for funding for projects through South Iceland’s Action Plan?

Funding for projects through the South Iceland’s Action Plan is per se not possible. Yet anyone can submit project proposals. The project management board then assesses the proposals and decides whether a specific project will be carried out and then by whom. However, twice a year, it is possible to apply for funding for projects in the field of innovation and culture through the Reconstruction Fund of South Iceland. 

What is the period of the Action Plans?

The current South Iceland Action Plan is for the years of 2015 through to 2019. The period of each Action Plans reflects the agreement between the   local region association and the State. The local region association can review the plan regardless of that period and each priority project can cover one or more years within this period.